I Liq Quan, novembra 2017 v Ljubljani

You are kindly invited to join a series of Zhong Xin Dao – I Liq Chuan workshops in Ljubljana, Slovenia under topic
with Katya Shestakova, instructor level 2, from Saint Petersburg, Russia
Slovenia, Ljubljana, Roska 2, High School of Economics
2017, Thursday, November 23 – Saturday, November 25
Thursday, Nov 23rd
18.00 – 21.00: Structure, Relaxation, Energy
Friday, Nov 24th
18.00 – 21.00: Movement Unification
Saturday, Nov 25th
10.00 – 13.00, 14.30 – 17.30: Five Elements and Body Balance 
Katya Shestakova is a level 2 instructor and student level 6 from St. Petersburg, Russia. Teaches I Liq Chuan since 2009. She is a founder of a I Liq Chuan school in Saint Petersburg, where she runs classes for students and instructors. She is gold medalist of wushu Championships of Russia and Europe. Katya is graduated clinical psychologist and fluent in English. She also teaches classes of yoga, yoga on board, qigong and meditation.
Check Katya’s clear explanation and precise demonstration at her workshop in New York.
“Before I started to practice ILC, I was already a champion in the Chen Taijiquan. When I crossed my hands with I Liq Chuan master Alex Skalozub, I could not do anything! That impressed me so much that I moved out of Taijiquan and began to practice ILC very intensively.” Katya Shestakova
About I Liq Chuan
I Liq Chuan is a martial art of awareness recognising Nature as it is. In the heart of the learning process is the neutral mind, neutral body, neutral touch and ultimately neutral path. When you are neutral, you are in the present moment, ready and able to change with change. Like water. Based on Dao and Zen philosophy, it allows practitioner to observe and realise natural laws of body mechanics and mind. It opens all your senses so you can better feel yourself and others. I Liq Chuan develops high degree of inner power through solo and partner training in a soft and relaxed way. It leads practitioners systematically to more happier, healthier and self-confident life.
Thursday: 30 EUR
Friday: 30 EUR
Saturday: 50 EUR
All days: 90 EUR
I Liq Chuan members: 10% discount
Warmly welcome to join us at this insightful opportunity. Discover and feel the internal power of balanced body. No fear, just clarity and readiness.
Enjoy the day and hopefully see you at the workshops.
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